2015-2016 Portfolio

I became serious about my photography in July 2015. To mark the anniversary, I collect my best photographs of the year into a portfolio. Through this process I review my images and reflect on the progress that I've made throughout the year. During 2015-2016, I started (and completed) a 365 Project and upgraded my camera to a Sony Alpha A7II. I became much more active in my photo making and mastered a number of techniques. My goal this year was to generally explore my geographical area, experience new adventures, and learn more technique.

Musial Bridge 12.3.2015. This award winning photograph is the proverbial "lucky shot"; the only photograph that I took of the bridge as I was driving east with the setting sun to my back. This photo got a lot of attention this year including being part of the Mississippi River Shootout, a collection of photographs that is on a 2 year tour up and down the river. Sony DSC-HX90v 4.1 mm 1/250@f3.5 ISO 80.
Tibetan Monk 9.1.2015. Monks performing a ritual ceremony before beginning a mandala. This award winning photo was taken early in the year and is a bit of a happy accident. I wasn't comfortable taking photos of people at the time. Sony DSC-HX90v 123mm 1/50@f6.4 ISO 800.
Rebecca's Sorrow 4.12.2016. My first foray into portrait photography taken at an introductory class on portraiture. Sony A7II 142 mm 1/125@f9.5 ISO 100.
Simply Tree 10.29.2015. I loved this tree even before I took the photo. It's in a large shopping center and I'm shooting through a chain link fence, but I could see the minimalist tree in the freshly mown lawn. Sony DSC-HX90v 6.4mm 1/500@f4.0 ISO 80.
Simply Tree: Colorful 11.16.2015. I returned to the lonely urban tree throughout the year to photograph it during changing seasons. Sony DSC-HX90v 5.8mm 1/25@f8.0 ISO 100.
Simply Snowy Tree 1.20.2016. I waited until it snowed and then made a special trip to the lonely urban tree. The ridges of the lawn are still evident under the snow. Sony DSC-HX90v 69mm 1/1000@f5.6 ISO 400.
Splatter Art 12.22.2015. This abstract texture is the result of wax, metal, heat, & rust. The art department uses these sheets of metal to put out fires on burning wax, but I loved abstract - almost astro - photography. This photo represents only a couple of inches of metal. I love this accidental art and have returned a number of times to photograph this metal. Sony DSC-HX90v 4.9 mm 1/60@f5.6 ISO 100.
Walking at the Watershed 11.30.2015. This photo was taken specifically for a photo challenge "From Afar: People". It made the finals. The weather was foggy and rainy, but I went out anyway grabbing the most colorful umbrella that I owned. I used the delay feature on my camera to capture me walking along the boardwalk at a local nature reserve. Sony DSC-HX90v 4.1 mm 1/25@f7.1 ISO 100.
Spiral Stairs 11.12.2015. These stairs caught my eye as I was driving by the oil refineries near my house. The refinery itself is very industrial and didn't seem to fit with lines of the staircase - so I edited out the structure leaving the stairs hanging in mid air. I loved the minimalistic surrealism. Sony DSC-HX90v 16.5mm 1/125@f6.3 ISO 100.
Burst of Sunshine 3.25.2016. I visited one of my favorite trees for sunrise and expected to walk away empty handed because of the thick clouds. Then the clouds parted and the sun burst through right on the path. Never give up! Sony A7II 55 mm 1/100@f22 ISO 400.
Morning Reflections 4.4.2016. I love photographing the architecture of trees - especially in reflections at dawn. I almost didn't drive out on this morning and this photo reminds me why I get out of bed. Sony A7II 28 mm 1/500@f9.0 ISO 100.
A Bit of Street 5.7.2016. Street photography isn't usually my thing, but I took the opportunity of a Cinco de Mayo parade to improve. This tough character was part of a motorcycle club in the parade waiting to start. Sony A7II 55mm 1/160@f8.0 ISO 100.
Wheel in Black 4.23.2016. I love to photograph texture especially in metals - rust, peeling paint, etc. A trip to the Transport Museum opened up a whole new world of textures. Sony A7II 28mm 1/45@f4.5 ISO 100.
St. Louis Arch at Night 5.20.2016. I sought to improve my night photography this year and the Arch with the cityscape behind was a perfect subject. Sony A7II 46mm 10sec@f16 ISO 100.
Waiting for a Train 4.23.2016. A special event for photographers at the Transport Museum had the trains lit up at night. I loved that I could sit on the tracks and photograph this train. A bit of photoshop work disguised the museum. Sony A7II 100mm 1/6@f8 ISO 100.
Clark Bridge at Night 5.9.2016. When I started this year in photos, I struggled to take a good night photograph, but I practiced and learned about long exposures. I love photographing this bridge especially at night with the lights reflecting off of the Mississippi River. Sony A7II 55mm 30sec@f6.7 ISO 100.
Under Clark Bridge 5.22.2016. I love to photograph the Clark Bridge and visit often, but on this morning the sun shown perfectly on the concrete foundation - not the most attractive part of the bridge. This was the first time that I really understood how light could change something ordinary into something extraordinary. Sony A7II 96 mm 1/15@f19 ISO 100.
Into the Woods 6.5.2016. I loved the way these trees interlock to form a covered path. Though there is a busy road to the right, the path looks like something out of a fairy tale. Sony A7II 70mm 1/80@f16 ISO 320.
Sun is in the Air 6.11.2016. In Colorado, I made a special trip at sunset to photograph a large wind farm on the eastern plains. The windmills go on for miles. A storm was coming in, but I caught rays of sun through the clouds. Sony A7II 99mm 1/100@f16 ISO 100.
Up to the Storm 6.5.2016. Not living in a city that has lots of skyscrapers, I had to wait to visit Houston. I loved the way the buildings reach up towards the sky and create a negative space Sony A7II 28mm 1/800@f14 ISO 320.
At Life's Door 6.6.2016. I was very taken with the grand architecture of the skyscrapers in Houston and no-one seemed to mind my photographing inside. At first I was annoyed with the people walking into my shots, but with this pair, the scale of the window was highlighted by how small the people were. Sony A7II 28mm 1/20@f16 ISO 400.
Open in Emergency 5.25.2016. My portfolio wouldn't be complete with some rusty photos as rust and texture were favorite aspects of my photos this year. This old fire extinguisher in shadow is a prime example. I had already gotten into my car and was about to drive away when I spotted the extinguisher. I'm glad I still had one or two photos left in me that day. Sony A7II 38mm 1/750@f5.6 ISO 100.
Crane Piping 4.30.2016. I like to take photo walks in depressed and abandoned areas of the city looking for detail and texture. I love the line of the old fire system and the texture of the wall and pipe. Sony A7II 28mm 1/60@f11 ISO 100.
Well-Used Lock 5.9.2016. Doors and locks are a favorite subject of mine. This door had rust and texture and bright color. The life of the door in two square feet. Sony A7II 56mm 1/20@f16 ISO 100.
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