I love to travel and experience different places and cultures. My travel photography often overlaps with Architecture, Landscapes, and Street photography. I like to visit the quintessential places, but also look for that unique angle or back street that most tourists would normally rush past. My husband is British so we travel to Europe frequently, but I try to keep that sense of travel even when I'm at home in St. Louis.

Westminster at Dusk. One of the benefits of traveling to the same place again and again is being able to visit known places at the best time of day. We were in London on an unusually clear day and traveled to the tourist hub, Westminster Bridge, for sunset photos. 5.23.2017. Sony A7II 42mm HDR ISO100. For more photos of this trip see London 2017 Album. 

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Falling Springs Mill. I like to combine my love of photography with my love of hiking. I took an early camping trip to the Ozark which start about a 2 hour drive from my home. Southern Missouri is filled with interesting features including old mills like this one. I love finding unique and obscure places - I was completely alone for the entire morning! 3.28.2017. Sony A7II 70mm 1sec@f20 ISO100.  For more of my favorite photos of Missouri see Missouri Favorites Album.

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Arch in Fog. I like to keep a sense of travel even when I'm at home in St. Louis. There are always new places to see and favorites to re-explore. I'm always looking to find a new perspective on the iconic Gateway Arch - which isn't always easy with so many people trying to do the same thing! On this morning, the thick fog nearly obscured the Arch adding a sense of mystery. 1.16.2017. Sony A7II 26mm 1/25@f14 ISO100. For more of my favorite photos of St. Louis see St. Louis Favorites Album. 

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Gasconade River Sunrise. Trips don't have to be long or far away. I keep a google map (mymaps) with interesting places marked so when I have a day or a weekend I can find a place quickly. The day started super early to try and make the 4 hour drive to Ha Ha Tonka State Park. We didn't make it by sunrise, but stumbled upon this abandoned railway bridge over the Gasconade River along the way. 11.5.2016. Sony A7II 36mm 6sec@f14 ISO100. For more of my favorite photos of Missouri see Missouri Favorites Album. 

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Essence of Santa Fe. The trick with travel photography is to try and capture the essence of a place. I visited a lot of landmarks in Santa Fe, but this blue window in an adobe wall with just a hint of sun ray seemed to capture the place for me. 10.28.2016. Sony A7II 70mm 1/80@f10 ISO125 For more photos of this trip see Santa Fe 2016 Album

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Lovelier. In the city (In this case Glasgow, Scotland), street photography becomes an option. There are all sorts of things happening, it's just a matter of being ready. I was charmed by this street musician's smile and even more so when I looked at the photo later and found the word "lovelier" printed on the wall behind her. 7.27.2016. Sony A7II 70mm 1/15@f5.6 ISO100 For more photos of this trip see Glasgow 2016 Album

Rope Bridge. In Cornwall, we went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We arrived early before the crowds and could capture the Burmese rope bridge before a line of other tourists started walking across. I liked the line of the bridge disappearing into the forest. 7.22.2016. Sony A7II 42mm 1/160@f8 ISO800. For more photos of this trip see Cornwall 2016 Album 
Village on the Sea. It's important when planning a trip to include enough flexibility to change plans. Chatting with locals can sometimes send us in a fruitful direction. In Cornwall, we hadn't planned on a trip to St. Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula, but on the suggestion of our publican (the owner of the pub we were staying in in Falmouth), we set out on a ferry to this charming village to see the castle and capture this photo. We had coffee with some locals and found new places to explore. 7.23.2016. Sony A7II 91mm 1/500@f10 ISO200. For more photos of this trip see Cornwall 2016 Album 
Seven Stones. Sometimes when traveling I have to work around the schedule of my companions. Luckily I tend to travel with people who, though not photographers, understand the importance of tracking sunrise & sunset times. They were happy to sit in a restaurant drinking coffee and eating dessert while I captured sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at Land's End. 7.17.2016. Sony A7II 70mm 1/15@f32 ISO100. For more photos of this trip see Cornwall 2016 Album
Sea Fog St. Ives. Luck plays a big part in travel photography. The weather sets the tone and the people and experiences we have vary from moment to moment. In Cornwall, we arrived in St. Ives under bright sun and blue skies, but 20 minutes later, we could barely see the town - the sea fog descended fast! This unique weather experience (a local told us this happens about 6 times a year) was perfectly timed for our visit and covered all the boats in a mysterious mist - perfect for photography! 7.17.2016. Sony A7II 93mm 1/750@f5.6 ISO100. For more photos of this trip see Cornwall 2016 Album

Where Buildings Meet. Don't forget to look all around for photos. Look up and look behind. In this case, I looked up to see the skyscrapers of Houston converging in the frame. 6.5.2016. Sony A7II 34mm 1/800@f14 ISO320. For more photos of this trip see Houston 2016 Album

Houston at Night. Cities often lend themselves to wonderful night scape photos, but finding just the right place to photograph from can be a challenge. Search online for other photos of cityscapes and use Google street view to scout a place in advance. It's important to chose somewhere safe for night photos. In this case, a city park provided an excellent view of the Houston skyline at night. 6.5.2016. Sony A7II 28mm 30sec@f16 ISO100. For more photos of this trip see Houston 2016 Album

More travel photos are available in the following Albums: Colorado 2016, Greece 2014, New England 2013, U.K. & Scotland. If you see a photo that you'd like to purchase, but it is not yet available, please contact me and reference the photo by name. 
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