I love to photograph architecture, emphasizing the lines and graphic nature of buildings and bridges. I like the classic photos, but I also like to look for interesting angles. Here are a few of my favorites.

Monument Stairs. I'd visited the Monument as a tourist to London many years ago, but this time I specifically came to photograph the spiral staircase. Monument is 202 feet tall and 311 steps. It was built to commemorate the great fire of 1666. 5.26.2017. Sony A7II 24mm 1/10@f3.5 ISO1600. Purchase Image.

Monument Stairs with Light. I'd already photographed the classical spiral staircase at Monument, but I liked the curve of the stairs at this angle especially with the light rays filtering through. 5.26.2017. Sony A7II 24mm 1/25@f3.5 ISO1600 Purchase Image through Confluence Art Gallery

Tulip Staircase. This famous spiral staircase at Queen's House in Greenwich (London), U.K. is much photographed. Tulip refers to the decoration on the banister. To get this photograph, I laid down on the floor, much to the curiosity of passing tourists. 5.26.2017. Sony A7II 24mm 1/60@f11 ISO1000. Purchase Image.

Bridge Tunnel. Early in the morning the industrial concrete pillars under the Clark Bridge in Alton, Illinois take on a magical quality. Light creates a tunnel effect in the river reflections.3.12.2017. Sony A7II 184mm 1/40@f10 ISO200 Purchase Image through Confluence Art Gallery

STL Cityscape. I do like to photograph bridges and especially with long exposures. This is an example of the Musial Bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Louis. Though I've broken every rule in the composition book, I love the bridge at the mid-point equally dividing the water and the sky. 1.29.2017. Sony A7II 41mm 15 sec.@f22 ISO100 Purchase Image

Window Detail. I do love to take photos of windows and doors. They speak to me of openings and opportunities. This photo was taken at Kenwood House in London. 5.20.2017. Sony A7II 33mm 1/125@f4.0 ISO100

Under Eads Bridge. I love to photograph bridges especially from below which enhances the graphic lines of the bridge. A foggy morning added atmosphere to this photo of Eads Bridge over the Mississippi River at St. Louis. 2.19.2017. Sony A7II 24mm 1/10@f3.5 ISO1600 Purchase Image through Confluence Art Gallery

Arcade B&W. I love color, but with architecture I sometimes prefer black and white to emphasize the lines. This photograph of the Arcade in St. Louis, Missouri gives the illusion of a vanishing point. 1.3.2017. Sony A7II 24mm 2.5sec@14 ISO100. Purchase Image.

More Spirals. Sometimes the most interesting staircases aren't where you'd expect. This 10-story staircase is attached to an oil refinery near my home. I've taken out the refinery building that the staircase is attached to to emphasize the graphic nature of the staircase. 12.19.2016. Sony A7II 121mm 1/200@f10 ISO100

Spiral. I took this award winning photo of the 10-story spiral staircase in the Lighthouse in Glasgow, Scotland. I took photographs from both the top of the staircase and underneath. I preferred this photo from underneath as it emphasizes the graphic lines of the spiral. 7.27.2016. Sony A7II 28mm 1/15@f3.5 ISO640 Purchase Image.

Open the Door - Let the Sun Shine In. I loved the texture of these salvaged doors in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I waited a bit until the sun was just at the right angle and snapped the sun flare through the opening adding another dimension. 10.28.2016. Sony A7II 28mm 1/25@f5.0 ISO100 Purchase Image through Confluence Art Gallery

Arch in Fog. Living in St. Louis, I have many opportunities to photograph the Gateway Arch, but I'm always looking for a new angle. On this morning, fog was so thick that it obscured the top of the Arch even when standing directly underneath. 1.16.2017. Sony A7II 24mm 1/30@f14 ISO100 Purchase Image.

More photos available in Architectural Album. If you see a photo that you'd like to purchase, but it is not yet available, please contact me and reference the photo by name. 
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