Black and White

I don't often photograph for black and white, but some photos seem to lend themselves to desaturation. The photos included in this gallery use black and white to emphasize shape, mood, and de-emphasize color when distracting.

Spiral. 7.27.2016. Spirals in architecture are wonderful to find. I cropped the photo to emphasize the swirl into & out of the frame. This photo was taken while looking up at the 10-story spiral staircase in the Lighthouse in Glasgow, Scotland. Sony A7II 28mm 1/15@f3.5 ISO640 

Quiet Resistance. This award-winning photo was taken at a St. Louis event, March to the Arch, protesting travel & immigration bans. I was trying to capture individuals in a crowd, showing the context as well as the emotion. 2.4.2017. Sony A7II 77mm 1/200@f7.1 ISO640

Atop the City. This photo shows a couple admiring a cloudy sunset from their perch in one of the City Museum's roof-top sculptures. Usually, I'm all for a colorful sunset, but I wanted to draw attention towards the couple and the city not the colors in the sunset. I added additional silver to my regular post-processing of this black and white image to give it a moodier look. 8.20.2016. Sony A7II 48mm 1/160@f5.6 ISO100
Kenya. 1.12.2017. I rarely process portraits in black and white, but I wanted to focus on the lighting that highlighted Kenya's face and form. Sony A7II 124mm 1/125@f7.1 ISO100
Dance Crash VIII. 9.16.2016. This photo was taken at a Chicago Dance Crash performance that I photographed at SIUE. The sets were dark with blue gels on the lights. I used black and white to emphasize the sense that the dancers were emerging from the darkness. Sony A7II 136mm 1/250@f4.5 ISO6400 See Dance Crash Series

Girl in the Window. For this model shoot, I loved the graphic quality of Courtney's outfit. The window at the City Museum provided natural light but also another type of graphic background. Though apparently open, the photo says to me "trapped".  3.26.2017. Sony A7II 37mm 1/60@f7.1 ISO320

More Spirals 12.19.2016. I love spiral staircases especially if they are industrial. This staircase is located on the side of a large oil refinery and is approximately 10-stories tall in total. Even so, most people would drive right past and not see this lovely shape. I removed the building to emphasize the shape of the stairs. I just got lucky with the bird swooping into the frame. Sony A7II 121mm 1/200@f10 ISO100
Arcade. 1.3.2017. I've used black and white to highlight the lines and shapes created in architecture, this time at the Arcade in downtown St. Louis. The wide angle lens allowed me to capture the narrow space and emphasize the length of the hall creating a vanishing point. Sony A7II 24mm 2.5sec@f14 ISO100 
Beached. 12.21.2016. This beached boat at Portage du Sioux on the Mississippi River was perfect for black and white. The sky, water, and bluffs behind competed with the boat, but without color, the boat looms into the frame. Sony A7II 38mm 1/250@f8.0 ISO100
Arch in Fog 1.16.2017. I have many photos of the Gateway Arch, but I couldn't pass up photographing fog obscuring the Arch. I'm standing directly under the north leg of the Arch, but the fog was so dense, I could barely make out the top. Sony A7II 24mm 1/30@f14 ISO100 
A Bit of Street. 5.7.2016. Tough biker actually part of a much more colorful biker club in the Cinco de Mayo parade at Cherokee Street. Sony A7II 55mm 1/160@f8.0 ISO100
Clock in Light. 6.6.2016. It's not always possible to go into buildings to photograph, but sometimes it's worth trying. The atrium of this building in downtown Houston sores but is anchored by time. Sony A7II 28mm 1/8@f16 ISO400
More photos available in Black & White Album. If you see a photo that you'd like to purchase, but it is not yet available, please contact me and reference the photo by name. 
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