In 2016, we traveled to Cornwall for 9 days of hiking and exploring the English coastline. We'd heard of places like Land's End and St. Ives and wanted to see the this rugged part of England. We had beautiful weather and the trip was spectacular. All of our plans worked and we explored further at the suggestion of locals.

Newquay with Flowers. 7.15.2016. We flew into Newquay and stayed at a cliff-side hotel. The views were spectacular and this sunny day set the tone for our entire trip. Sony A7II 43mm 1/45@f16 ISO100
Surfer Sunset. 7.15.2016. Newquay was full of surfers, but the beaches were very uncrowded. Time for a lovely evening walk. Sony A7II 125mm 1/60@f19 ISO100
To the Sea. 7.15.2016. The best part about walks along the beach was the many places to explore. Each cove was different with rocks and in this case an old abandoned tunnel. Sony A7II 28mm 1/200@f4.5 ISO100
Fistral Beach Surfer. 7.17.2016. The surfers were fun to watch and I had a great time trying to photograph them in mid-flight. Sony A7II 210mm 1/125@f16 ISO100
Port Isaac Pano. 7.16.2016. One reason we chose to explore Cornwall is for the beautiful views we see on television shows such as Doc Martin and Poldark. We made our pilgrimage to Port Isaac AKA Port Wenn. The village was just as we'd imagined and the locals seemed unfazed by the tourist attention. Sony A7II 28mm 1/160@f13 ISO100
Merlin's Caves. 7.16.2016. The furthest north that we ventured on the Atlantic side was Tintagel. We were surprised by what we found. Somehow we'd gotten it into our heads that this would be a small castle ruin on the side of a cliff. The cliffs were spectacular, but Tintagel was much more extensive than we'd thought. Sony A7II 33mm 1/60@f16 ISO100
St. Ives by the Sea. 7.17.2016. St. Ives was a must-stop not just because of the famous riddle. The light was supposed to be spectacular for artists. We arrived on a bright sunny day and the beaches were teeming with bathers. We'd landed in a sea-side resort! Sony A7II 165mm 1/500@f5.6 ISO100
Sea Fog St. Ives. 7.17.2016. We arrived in St. Ives under bright sun and blue skies, but 20 minutes later, we could barely see the town - the sea fog descended fast! This unique weather experience was perfectly timed for our visit and covered all the boats in a mysterious mist - perfect for photography! Sony A7II 93mm 1/750@f5.6 ISO100
Empty Beach 7.17.2016. The beaches at St. Ives teeming with bathers when we arrived emptied as the sea fog descended. Sony A7II 70mm 1/350@f8.0 ISO100
Seven Stones 7.17.2016. We arrived at Land's End just in time for sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. We had a spectacular view from our hotel over the Seven Stones lighthouse. Sony A7II 70mm 1/15@f32 ISO100
Last House in England 7.17.2016. I took a minute between courses at dinner to catch the last rays of sun sink below the Atlantic Ocean. Sony A7II 28mm 3 bracket HDR 1.3sec@f16 ISO50
Crown Mines 7.18.2016. One goal was to see the picturesque abandoned tin mines in the area. We'd done a bit of research, but still were surprised when we came upon the mines near Botallack. We hadn't realized that Poldark was filmed here until we had a conversation with some locals walking along the Southwest Coastal Path. Sony A7II 52mm 1/90@f13 ISO100
Flight over Cornwall 7.19.2016. We flew to the Isles of Scilly for a day trip on a little 8-seater plane from Land's End. This was an experience in itself! Sony A7II 49mm 1/200@f16 ISO320
St. Mary's 7.19.2016. This is the harbor at St. Mary's in the Isles of Scilly. A beautiful day with clear blue skies. Perfect for flying and for sailing! Sony A7II 56mm 1/60@f16 ISO100
Boats in Blue & White 7.19.2016. The boats were spectacular to photograph all across Cornwall, especially so in the Isles of Scilly. We took the ferry back to Penzance and just as we were leaving, a light fog started to wrap around the Isles. Sony A7II 114mm 1/60@f16 ISO100
White Sails 7.19.2016. On the ferry from the Isles of Scilly to Penzance, we got terrific close-up views of the sailboats coming into and out of the harbor in the fog. Sony A7II 196mm 1/100@f14 ISO100
St. Michael's Mount 7.19.2016. Cornwall was wonderful for spectacular views, but we did play tourist on a couple of occasions. St. Michael's Mount was crowded, but a must-see. This photo was taken as we came into Penzance from the Isles of Scilly on the ferry. We would visit this attraction the next day. Sony A7II 210mm 1/30@f16 ISO100
Cadgwith Cove. 7.20.2016. Cadgwith Cove was a lucky find. We only booked in here because we couldn't get lodging at The Lizard - our real goal for the day. We preferred this little fishing village to the tourist town that we found once we hiked to The Lizard. Sony A7II HDR 3-bracket 28mm f20 ISO50
Cadgwith Cove 7.20.2016. The cove at Cadgwith Cove was tiny, could walk around the cliffs from one high point to the othereasily in 20 minutes. Even though the sun was setting behind me, I still had color in the sky as I looked out over the English Channel. Sony A7II 55mm 15sec@f22 ISO50
Edge of Sunset 7.20.2016. I really did love the colors on the cliff during this Cadgwith Cove sunset. Sony A7II HDR 3-bracket 55mm f22 ISO50
Southwest Coastal Path 7.21.2016. From Cadgwith Cove to The Lizard was just over a 2 mile hike - how hard could that be? After a half dozen of these ascents and descents, we were ready for some tea! Sony A7II 70mm 1/30@f16 ISO100
Peaceful Cove 7.21.2016. The Lizard lighthouse - our destination was in sight! The gray clouds hint at rain, but we only had a soft "mizzle" (mist+drizzle) on our hike. Sony A7II 28mm 1/60@f16 ISO100
Rope Bridge 7.22.2016. Moving up the coast, we went as far as the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Luckily we arrived early before the crowds and could capture the Burmese rope bridge before a line of other tourists started walking across. Sony A7II 42mm 1/160@f8 ISO800
Falmouth 7.23.2016. Our final stop was Falmouth. We chose this to be our "city" stop and it was a great choice. We took a ferry to St. Mewes and was able to get a lovely view of the city from the sea. Sony A7II 55mm 1/350@f19 ISO400
Village on the Sea 7.23.2016. We hadn't planned on a trip to St. Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula, but on the suggestion of our publican, we set out on a ferry to this charming village to see the castle. We had coffee with some locals. This was our last day in Cornwall and we found that there were still Cornwall gems we had yet to explore. We'll be back! Sony A7II 91mm 1/500@f10 ISO200
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