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Since I'm based in the St. Louis area, here are a few of my favorite photography places for visitors or photographers looking for locations. I wrote the St. Louis entry and provided photographs for the travel app Fripito

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Bellefountaine Cemetery
4947 W Florissant Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63115 Latitude: 38.690677 | Longitude: -90.235087
Bellefountaine (pronounced “Bell Fountain” by the locals) and neighboring Calvary Cemetery are historic cemeteries where the rich of St. Louis are buried. Large mausoleums are worth the trip especially when the seasons are changing. 
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis
4431 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri 63108, USA Latitude: 38.642536 | Longitude: -90.254669
The outside of the Basilica doesn't hint at the glorious interior. It is smaller than European cathedrals, but no less amazing in artistry. The interior may literally take your breath away. Entry is free and the staff seem friendly to photographers. A wide angle lens will help capture the vast interior of the cathedral, but remember that panoramas may be taken vertically as well as horizontally. The cathedral is dim and tripods are generally discouraged, so a higher ISO is needed.
Chain of Rocks Bridge (Route 66)
Chouteau Island, Illinois 62040, USA Latitude: 38.762894 | Longitude: -90.15418
Interstate 270 spans the Mississippi River on the north end of St. Louis. Parallel to the interstate bridge is the old Chain of Rocks Road Bridge, which was part of the historic Route 66. The bridge is best accessed from Illinois via Chouteau Island. Visitors may walk over the Chain of Rocks Bridge and see the historic water intake towers, but there is also access to the Mississippi River at the Chouteau Island Fishing Area. Here there are great sunset views of the River and close-up view of the historic water intake towers. This is the perfect place to set up a tripod and try long exposures of the river.
Cherokee Street
1817 Cherokee St, St. Louis, Missouri 63118 Latitude: 38.592655 | Longitude: -90.21806
There are many interesting neighborhoods like this in south St. Louis (including Soulard), but Cherokee Street is a good place to start exploring bohemian St. Louis. Starting at South Broadway (near the Lemp Mansion), Cherokee Street is the Bohemian center of St. Louis filled with kitschy stores, antique shops, vegan restaurants, art galleries, and most notable for photographers, old St. Louis architecture. An eye for color and detail is key. The older buildings provide the architectural interest, and the attitude of the neighborhood provides the color.
City Garden, Market Street & Union Station
801 Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63102, USA Latitude: 38.62635 | Longitude: -90.193787
The City Gardens is a sculpture garden designed for both day and night viewing. The gardens stretch between Market Street and the parallel road, Chestnut Street. A low angle on the sculptures accentuates their size and the lights that come on at dusk to illuminate the sculptures will provide depth and interesting shadows. About 1.5 miles west of the Arch on Market Street is Union Station, a 120-year-old railroad station and hotel. The station houses shopping with plenty of exposed architectural detail.
City Museum
750 N. 16th Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63103, USA Latitude: 38.633608 | Longitude: -90.200436
The City Museum is less a museum and more “art you can climb on”.  Architectural salvage from around the area has been brought to this old 10-story shoe factory and repurposed by artists. The museum is enormous and visitors can generally go anywhere they can fit. There are very few rules at the City Museum so if you need to climb on something for a better shot, go for it! City Museum is easy to locate by sight. There are not many rooftops sporting a ferris wheel and a school bus perched off the edge of the building. Yes, this is a fully functioning ferris wheel and you may go into the school bus if you purchase rooftop access with your entry ticket.
Eads Bridge & Laclede's Landing
Arch-Laclede's Landing Metro Stop, St. Louis, Missouri 63102, USA Latitude: 38.629457 | Longitude: -90.183643
The Eads Bridge spans the Mississippi River and is one of the few that can be walked across. Park either at Laclède's Landing or the Casino Queen (Illinois) to access walkway. Stop in the middle for good views of the Gateway Arch and watch the business of the river as barges slide under the bridge. During the 4th of July celebrations at the Arch, this is a good vantage point for fireworks.
Forest Park
1 Fine Arts Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63110 Latitude: 38.6391 | Longitude: -90.294649
Forest Park is St. Louis’ answer to Central Park. It is large and houses many tourist attractions including the Zoo and a number of museums are located in Forest Park including the Art Museum shown here, the History Museum, and the St. Louis Science center. This is the site of the 1904 world fair and a few buildings from that time remain. The museums are generally friendly to photographers, though there may be certain exhibits that prohibit photography. The view from Art Hill over the Grand Basin is a particular favorite of photographers, but there are many lakes and paths to explore.
Gateway Arch
100 Washington Ave, St. Louis, Missouri 63102, USA Latitude: 38.628744 | Longitude: -90.183859
The Gateway Arch has been photographed by thousands of people in every different weather condition and from every angle. It is sometimes difficult to make a photograph that stands apart. The Arch can be seen from various angles and vantage point within the downtown area. Look for reflections off of the buildings and interesting glimpses of the Arch through the city. Look for reflections in the steel and the changing shapes of the Arch as the weather, your perspective and distance change.
Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park
185 W Trendley Ave, East St Louis, Illinois 62201, USA Latitude: 38.622375 | Longitude: -90.175434
If you want to know where all the Gateway Arch photographs with St. Louis in the background are taken from, this is the place. This park provides excellent views of the Gateway Arch against the St. Louis skyline especially at sunset and at night – so bring your tripod. A three-story observation tower provides the best views. This park also has a 630-foot tall geyser matching the height of the Arch, which is active April through October erupting three times per day. Driving to the park may not provide the most pleasant views of the city, but press on because the park is lovely. Set your GPS for the Casino Queen, the park is south of the casino on Front Street. The Metrolink also goes to the casino.
Lafayette Square
2001 Park Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63118 Latitude: 38.617689 | Longitude: -90.213521
French-style, lovingly restored Victorian homes are the draw of Lafayette Square. Visitors can stroll around the outside of the park to photograph the unique and colorful architecture. For photographers who like architectural detail, there is plenty to choose from! Twice a year (in June and December), the residents open their houses and gardens for viewing, but the building shown in this photo is the old Police Station, which is used as a neighborhood town hall and is open more frequently during events in the par
Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, Missouri 63110, USA Latitude: 38.616105 | Longitude: -90.258067
The St. Louis Botanical Gardens are a favorite for nature and landscape photographers. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the beautiful blooms that change seasonally. The lake around the Japanese Garden is a particular favorite at the Missouri Botanical Garden. At certain times of the year, the gardens have early morning and evening hours as well as special events for unique photos of the gardens.
North Broadway
There are many area is perfect for the photographer who likes a bit of decayed architecture; North Broadway (and much of the surrounding area) is one. Look for texture in the worn or abandoned buildings that comes with 100-plus years of daily use. It’s worth bearing in mind that St. Louis is a city with some areas of high crime and common sense and vigilance should be used when exploring areas north of the Arch.
St. Charles Main Street
200 S Main St, St Charles, Missouri 63301, USA Latitude: 38.779978 | Longitude: -90.481744
St. Charles is a lovely place for diverse photographs. The main street parallels the Missouri River and the Katy Trail, which starts not far from St. Charles. The street is full of interesting architecture, restaurants, wineries, and shopping. St. Charles was the first capitol of Missouri and the historical town is still in evidence. Don’t miss the historic 1791 Borromeo log church (just up Jackson Street) or the first Missouri state capitol. The park hosts events and allows for a nice walk along the Missouri River.
Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge
1 Mullanphy St, St. Louis, Missouri 63102, St. Louis, Mo USA Latitude: 38.641852 | Longitude: -90.181242
St. Louis has nearly a dozen bridges and Musial is one of the newest. It spans the river north of the Gateway Arch on Interstate 70. The best views are from the Riverfront Trail, which runs roughly parallel to the Mississippi River. A parking area may be reached by going through the opening in the floodwall on Mullanphy Street. This is also a good way to access the little-known Rootwad Park, which has some interesting metal sculptures. There are views from the east side from a road behind the water treatment plant, but this is difficult to access. 
More photos available in St. Louis Favorites Album. If you see a photo that you'd like to purchase, but it is not yet available, please contact me and reference the photo by name. 
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