Street & Photo Journalism

Travel photography is about places we go, but it’s also about people we meet and experiences we have – which can often be categorized as “street photography” or at least this is where the line between travel and street blurs. When I'm at local events, my photos may even tip into the category of Photo Journalism.

Street Photography & Photo Journalism

Quiet Resistance. This award-winning photo was taken at a St. Louis event, March to the Arch, protesting immigration & travel bans. I was trying to capture individuals in a crowd, showing the context as well as the emotion. 2.4.2017. Sony A7II 77mm 1/200@f7.1 ISO640

Tibetan Monk. This award-winning photo is one of my first attempts at capturing an event. I attended a ceremony beginning the creation of a mandala at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. I was nervous about interrupting by being obvious with my photography, but managed to capture this monk in prayer. 9.1.2015. Sony DSC-HX90V 123mm 1/50@f6.4 ISO800

A Bit of Street. Parades are great opportunities to practice street photography especially before the parade starts. This fellow may look like a rough biker, but he was part of a comically dressed group including mopeds and bikes at the Cinco de Mayo parade in Cherokee Street. 5.7.2016. Sony A7II 55mm 1/160@f8.0 ISO100

Lovelier. Street photography requires quick reflexes. Seeing a possible photograph, composing it, and taking it all within a few seconds - if even that. I loved the street musicians on Buchanan Street in Glasgow Scotland. This one had an old-world European look about her, but a lovely smile. I hadn't noticed the sign behind her until post-processing. 7.27.2016. Sony A7II 70mm 1/115@f5.6 ISO100

Down Darkly. I'm always looking to capture interesting architecture, but people add an element of life and perspective to a city. Edinburgh, Scotland is filled with these little alleyways opening up, almost mysteriously, to different parts of the city. 7.2762016. Sony A7II 43mm 1/60@f16 ISO250

Atop the City. The summer rooftop of the City Museum in St. Louis allows for views of sunset over the city. This couple climbed into one of the sculptures for a better view creating this sweet scene. 8.20.2016 Sony A7II 48mm 1/160@f5.6ISO100

We are the (Angry) People. This photo was taken at a resistance march, March to the Arch, in St. Louis. I hadn't photographed a march of this nature before and learned quickly how to photograph and walk backwards at the same time! I was trying to capture individuals in a crowd, showing the context as well as the emotion. 2.4.2017. Sony A7II 87mm 1/200@f7.1 ISO320

Ice Festival Fun. With street photography, it's important to be flexible when the situation changes. I was using my macro lens to capture interesting striations in the shaved ice left by ice carvers at the St. Charles ice Festival. But as I worked, a little boy began stacking the ice into piles. At first, I waited until he finished, but then I saw the street photography possibilities. A short conversation with the boy's mother and I quickly changed my mental focus from macro to street photography.  1.28.2017. Sony A7II 90mm 1/2500@f4.0 ISO500

Got Milk?  I took a weekend workshop with Nat. Geo. photographer Catherine Karnow. When our assignment for the day was people with a requirement to ask permission to photograph first, we all cringed. We’d have to TALK to people?! But as I became bolder, I realized that it wasn’t just about asking permission, I was chatting to people a bit about themselves, the area, etc. - I was having an experience myself!  If I approached with a smile, most people were happy to have their photo taken and chat a bit. The photos were better for it! I saw this girl from outside the Peacock diner in The Loop and loved the light. I chatted with her mom & aunt for a bit before capturing this genuine Sunday morning smile! 3.19.2017. Sony A7II 77mm 1/80@f5.6 ISO160

BB. I don't take a lot of street portraits, but BB (Brenda Brown) had the best summer look at Lafayette Square house tour and antique market. She was only too pleased to pose while I captured her summer look. 6.3.2017. Sony A7II 62mm 1/80@f5.0 ISO100

Mission Taco. One of the things I learned from the workshop with Nat. Geo. photographer Catherine Karnow was to try to get as much of a sense of place and story as possible into one photograph. This means choosing people who fit the vibe & include colors or symbols (signs, buildings, etc.) in the background that show the place. All thise without forgetting good light!! This photo was taken at Mission Taco in “The Loop”, a trendy area of St. Louis. Before taking this photo, the bartender gave me a bit of the California back-story of the restaurant. This was the 5th margarita he’d mixed for me to photograph - (no, I didn't drink them all!) Sony A7II 24mm 1/60@f4.5 ISO1250

I've Been Shot. I've included this photograph here because it always makes me laugh. I was at the St. Louis Art Fair looking for street photography opportunities when this group os street performers in cone heads complete with cameras approached me. We had a photography duel (I lost -- I was outnumbered!). 9.11.2017 Sony A7II 91mm 1/400@f6.3 ISO100

More photos available in Street & Photo Journalism Album. If you see a photo that you'd like to purchase, but it is not yet available, please contact me and reference the photo by name. 
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