Texture & Abandonment

I love texture (decay, peeling paint, weathered wood, etc.). I feel a sense of time passed by - the objects I'm photographing have a history. Sometimes the objects are easily identified, other times they are more abstract.  

Beaten Door. I love doors and windows, the more weathered the better. This salvaged door in Santa Fe has seen a few centuries. 10.28.2016. Sony A7II 31mm 1/10@f5.6 ISO100

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Angles.I'm not part of the urban-ex crowd, but that doesn't mean I don't like a good tour through an abandoned building (legally). The Abandoned Missouri State Penitentiary hosts photography tours. This is an amazing place, full of texture and mixed emotions (especially on death row). I spent a great deal of time (not as much as the inmates) in this cell capturing the light and shadows. 5.7.2017. Sony A7II 47mm 1/6@f8.0 ISO100

Art Blue Metal 58. Wax, metal, heat, & rust make this texture, randomly created during encaustic painting process. This is a macro photo of a fragment of a 2'x3' sheet of metal used to extinguish the burning wax. The process creates random shapes and textures in a multitude of colors, though blue predominates. Some  photos may look like maps or galaxies, others are more abstract. 12.22.2015. Sony DSC-HX90V 4.1mm 1/60@f7.1 ISO100 See entire series in Splatter Art Album. 

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DOME. Old letterpress type is a favorite subject of mine - after all my parents are printers so there's a lot of type sitting around. The letters don't necessarily have to spell out anything, I'm interested in the texture and colors created from decades of use. 12.30.2016. Sony A7II 90mm 0.8sec@f8.0 ISO800 

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Wheel in Black II. Some of the best places to find texture are at transport museums. The Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, Missouri has 70 locomotives and hundreds of train cars, buses, boats, and cars - enough to keep me photographing texture for decades to come! 4.23.2016. Sony A7II 28mm 1/45@f4.5 ISO800 

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Gears. My macro lens comes out for more than just nature. I love to get in close to interesting mechanisms focusing on texture and detail.. This is part of an old safe at the City Museum in St. Louis - a place full of texture and detail!. 3.2.2017. Sony A7II 90mm 5sec@f8.0 ISO100 

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Patterns in the Ice VII. I'm not one much taken with cold weather, but one thing I do like is ice - macro ice. At the ice carving festival in St. Charles, there were discarded pieces of ice with striations from the carving process. I was in Heaven!. 1.28.2017. Sony A7II 90mm 1/5000@f2.8 ISO500 

Red Valves. Another photograph from the Museum of Transportation from inside a train engine. The dirt and grime against the pops of red enhance the age. 4.23.2016. Sony A7II 63mm 1sec@f5.6 ISO800 

Piano Wire II. As a musician, I'm always interested in antique instruments, in this case a piano, especially when I can see inside the mechanism. I was caught without my camera on this day, but my iPhone is a trusty second-best and captured the textures just fine. 2.23.2016. iPhone 6s 4.2mm 1/25@f2.2 ISO200 

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Wagon Wheel in Shadow. This is one of my first award winning photos taken with a very basic point-and-shoot camera. I was mainly interested in the patterns of light and shadow on the concrete made by the evening light. It remains one of my favorite photos. 10.9.2004. Olympus C200Z,D510Z 15.7mm 1/320@f4.4 ISO100 

St. Liborius Column. I'm not an urban-ex photographer, but I do like to visit old buildings when I have the opportunity. This Gothic church, abandoned for more than 15 years, is now a skateboard park. Much of the original architecture remains, though showing decay. Occasionally, they open their doors to photographers and skaters. 4.17.2017. Sony A7II 24mm 1/60@f3.5 ISO1600 

'Bandoned Barn. I like to explore country roads finding abandoned buildings and barns. This one in northeastern Colorado seems to be sinking into the fields. 12.25.2016. Sony A7II 24mm 1/40@f16 ISO250 

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Old Cabin. Photo of the Red House (well the white shutters of the Red House) in Cape Girardeau, an old town on the Mississippi River.  I was interested in the textures of the logs and plaster. 4.8.2017. Sony A7II 26mm 1/30@f10 ISO100 

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More photos available in Texture & Abandonment Album and Splatter Art Album. If you see a photo that you'd like to purchase, but it is not yet available, please contact me and reference the photo by name. 
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